Service Level Agreement

1. Introduction

Use of the website (‘the Service’) is protected by the terms and conditions stipulated here. By using the website, you agree to the terms. We may amend the terms without further notice. New or improved services will also be subject to the Terms of Service.

If you continue to use the Service after we have altered it, and do not submit a written complaint of dissatisfaction (e-mail is acceptable), we will take this as indication of your consent.

We recommend that you revisit and read these terms from time to time. If you breach these terms, we will consider closing your account.

We have guidelines to regulate the content of our website. Some suppliers may find loopholes in our quality assurance and upload content that may be inappropriate. In such cases, we will take action to remove the content as soon as possible.

Until this has been done, you understand we are not responsible for content that is published on the Service by a third party. You give consent to use the Service at your own risk.

2. Registration/terms of account

  1. Only humans allowed, no robots.
  2. If you attempt to bind entities other than yourself (such as a company) to these terms, you will be responsible for ensuring that you have the authority to do so.
  3. The data you enter must not be fake. If we suspect that the information you have entered is inaccurate, we will consider closing your account.
  4. Be smart - protect your password. Having “Password” as your password is a bad idea.
  5. You are responsible for the activities on your account. See yourself as the editor-in-chief.
  6. You are only one person; you cannot be two, three or more. Therefore, you only need one account.
  7. If you are here to spy on our product, please do so. But do not break any laws, including copyright laws.
  8. If you fail to comply with this provisions in this section, we cannot be held liable (including loss or damages).

3. Purchases, payments and refunds

  1. You subscribe to a Service. The content of the Service is described at
  2. You pay in advance by card or bank transfer.
  3. By purchasing a subscription, you agree to pay for the Service for a minimum of 12 months. There is no option to request a refund or cancel the Agreement.
  4. The agreement will be automatically renewed every 12 months unless you send us written notice of termination (email is acceptable) at least 30 calendar days before the renewal date. Our prices may have changed by the time of renewal.
  5. We only count users who are actually performing an activity on a learning component. You can decide how many users you want and subscribe to the Service that meets your needs. If you have more active users than expected, you can opt to upgrade. Otherwise, you will be billed for extra users during the previous agreement period.

4. Amending the service level

  1. You can amend the service level. This means that during the contract period you can upgrade to a higher service level (more functionality, users or administrators) at any time.
    We will provide plenty of opportunity to pay the difference between what you have already paid and the new solution. You decide whether you want to renew for another 12 months or allow the contract to expire.
  2. Unfortunately, you cannot downgrade the service level during a subscription period. We will do this when the new subscription starts. Downgrading also means you will lose functionality and/or active users.

5. Cancellation and notice of termination

  1. If you wish to terminate your account, it is your responsibility to do so. Send us an email.
  2. If you wish to terminate your subscription, you must do so in writing. The Service will be terminated at the end of the subscription period.

6. Changes to Services and pricing

  1. We sometimes change the content on the Service and/or our pricing. Price changes will be notified 30 days before taking place, and content changes will take effect immediately. Notification means we will post information about the changes on our website Make sure you check the site from time to time.

7. Copyright and ownership

  1. You own your stuff, and we own ours. Our partners may own things too. The copyright laws apply to everyone.
  2. We like to showcase what we do and who we do business with. You give us the right to use the name of your company, your logo and case history in our brochures, documents and websites. If you have a subscription agreement with us, you will also have signed our GDPR agreement, which regulates our interaction. We will not use any content or specific data without consent.
  3. Quality is important. If you wish to publish your content on Munio Market, we will perform a quality assessment first. If we find that your content does not have the right quality, we will not publish it.
  4. Your data belongs to you. If you wish to leave our LMS (no matter how unlikely that is), we will provide you with your data in a usable format.

8. General conditions

  1. You are responsible for your content and must not send inappropriate messages to others.
  2. Everything is done online. You understand that this involves risk. We want to offer security, but we do not accept any responsibility. Not for you or any third party.
  3. We use suppliers for some services and infrastructure.
  4. Use the system as it was intended to be used. Do not hack. Do not alter or customise our website.
  5. Legal: We provide content and the Service “as is”, without any guarantees or conditions other than those explicitly stated in this Agreement. We accept no liability for any direct or indirect losses, damage or other damage perceived by any person or entity that is alleged to be a result of the use of information in the content and/or the Service. We accept no liability for any lost income or profit, including in respect of the cost of replacement product(s) or services, even when there is a specific risk of these types of losses.

9. Applicable law and disputes

  1. Our head office is in Horten, Norway. Norway is part of the EEC; therefore, EU law applies accordingly.
  2. Any and all Disputes shall be referred to and considered by the district court in Oslo municipality, Norway.